Offset Printing

Our pressmen use the finest inks, pre-warmed to reduce viscosity and to ensure consistency. For paper, Excell keeps the quality high by never using second sheets. And with our offset machine, Heidelberg Speedmaster, jobs can be turned around in days, not weeks, and at the highest color standard.

Excell firmly believes that if you’re going to do quality work, you must have a clean facility. That’s why we keep our facility spotless and our equipment at peak efficiency. Whether it’s for a tour, a meeting or a press check, you’ll see the difference when you visit Excell.

  • A printers best tool: the loop.
  • Come in and press-check your offset job!
  • Press operator Jason throwing paper.
  • Spot varnish on black takes your printed pieces to the next level.
  • Offset uncoated boat catalog
  • Offset printers come in all sizes, check out our smaller QM for your stationery jobs.
  • Take your Holiday card to the next level with silver ink and die-cutting.
  • Diecut Feet with Laces
    Diecut Feet with Laces
  • Pocket Folder with 3D UV
    Pocket Folder with 3D UV
  • Mixing Ink
    Justin Ink
  • Checking registration on our offset press.
    Tracy Offset